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At Woolston CE Primary School E-Safety is of the upmost importance to us.  We want to teach your child the need to be safe online both in school and outside of school.  E-Safety in internet safety - it's about utilizing information and communication technologies in a safe and responsible way.


It can refer to electronic safety for children, and it can be associated with websites such as Facebook, Bebo, Twitter, MSN and any other social network.  Make sure you know who your child is talking to online, not just on computers, but also laptops and mobile phones.


It can also refer to protecting personal information, such as credit card numbers, phone, address, social security number, and any other unformation that can be used to compromise your credit or identity.


Please take a look at some of the following useful links in order to continually develop your own understanding of online safety.  If you keep your own knowledge up to date then this will help you to support your child in the ever growing virtual society.


Click here to view the You Tube Clip - Keeping Myself E-Safe Young People

Click here to view the You Tube Clip - E-Safety for Parents - Cyberbullying 07

Click here to view the You Tube Clip - Safe Web Surfing:Top tips for kids and teens online

Click here to view the You Tube Clip - Lucy and the boy : Be share aware NSPCC











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