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Design and Technology Intent

The intent of our design and technology curriculum is to inspire pupils to be innovative and creative thinkers who have an appreciation for the product design cycle through ideation, creation, and evaluation. We want pupils to develop the confidence to take risks, through drafting design concepts, modelling, and testing and to be reflective learners who evaluate their work and the work of others. We recognise that every child is unique and aim to capitalise on their interests. Through the Kapow scheme of work, we aim to build an awareness of the impact of design and technology on our lives and encourage pupils to become resourceful and confident enterprising citizens who will have the skills and knowledge to contribute to future design advancements. 

Design and Technology Overview

Design and Technology Pedagogy

Recap prior knowledge - from previous years or earlier on in the year.

Refer to the curriculum coverage sheet of the skill being taught and recap on some vocabulary.

Explore lesson phase ( design, make, evaluate, technical )

Model technique/skills or use video explanations ( diagrams, structures, physical)

Practical sessions (substantive knowledge)

Key Vocabulary

This document details the key vocabulary that is taught throughout our Design and Technology curriculum.

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