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Intent for Science

Through Science, we encouarge children to foster a positive relationship with the subject, focussing on developing their resilience, independence and confidence. All Year 1 to 6 children have regular teaching of Science. these lessons tecah children specific content, scientific investigatory and science enquiry skills through structured, well-prepared lessons that are clearly differentiated and varied to challenge all chidlren. The learning encouarges chidlren to be risk takers, to be resourceful and reflective whilst developing a positive attitude to the world around them.

Early Years children also engage in structured science activities - these may be adult-led sessions or independent, child-led science investigations, which encouarge personal development.

To develop a love of Science, a high quality Science education provides the foundations for understanding the world. Science is at the forefront of change and is vital to the world's future prosperity. through building key foundation knowledge and concepts, our children are encouarged to recognise the power or rational explanation and develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena.

Science Overview

Science Pedagogy

Lesson: Discussion about prior learning (previous year or own knowledge). Make direct links to knowledge organiser and vocabulary.

Activity: A variety of activities, including research, reading of information, sorting objects, labelling and exploration. A combination of paired work/discussion, group, whole class and independent work appropriate to the age and ability of the chidlren and learning objective.

Use of investigation, questioning, video clips, hands on exploration to engage learners, asking of further questions for future learning and recroding of observations and findings. This opens up opportunities for disciplinary knowledge.

Key Vocabulary

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