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History Intent

We believe history is essential to our understanding of the development of the modern world. Through enquiry and research, children can connect with real people and real events that have shaped societies and communities, both local and worldwide. Our curriculum is carefully designed so that our younger children in EY and KS1 find out about recent history, and the children in KS2 learn about events in chronological order, enabling them to put their learning into context. There is also a clear focus on the history and development of our local area in both key stages. Skills and vocabulary are built on in a progressive manner so that the children become curious learners of the past, who are able to question and evaluate historical events and actions.

History Overview

History Pedagogy

Begin by placing the lesson in context:

-recap of prior knowledge

-recap of knowledge organiser so far

Identification of what on the knowledge organiser we are focusing on today. Highlight,

-Identification on the timeline about when  this takes place in history (highlight) and what else was happening at that time. Possible use of a map, to show where in the world this takes place

New content teaching:

-Teaching of new substantive knowledge (factual content). Reinforce key concepts; invasion, trade, monarch, empire, kingdoms’ which repeat themselves in different historical periods.

-Teaching of new disciplinary knowledge: Historical skills and enquiry.

-Key vocabulary


Key Vocabulary

This document details the key vocabulary that is taught throughout our history curriculum.

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