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School Council


Our Pupil Council is formed of 2 representatives from Y1 to Y5 and a Secretary, Vice Chair and Chair from Y6. Miss Cliffe supports our School Council and provides feedback to the SLT.

We meet weekly to discuss issues that face our pupils. We also discuss and implement changes and events in the school such as charity events and how we will support them and which competitions we take part in as a school. We also feedback on important parts of school life such as; activities we would like to see more of or introduced, equipment and resources needed, playtimes and other school events, for example Sports Day.  The School Council has an annual budget and they make decisions of how this money is spent for the benefit of all the children in school.

Any child in the school that would like an issue raised at a meeting can approach their class rep and they will represent that person and discuss the issue at the next meeting. We also have an information board in the KS2 corridor to communicate with others what the school council is doing.

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