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Collective Worship

This academic year our Collective Worship time is a little different. We have our Monday Worship streamed live from the Church of the Ascension by Reverend Rebecca and a weekly worship delivered by Mrs Dillon. Our Friday Celebration Worship is delivered by Mrs Dillon or a member of the SLT via Zoom. 

Our Collective Worships focus on Christian Values - these are all interlinked but we explore one value in depth each half term.



Basic Christian faith is the claim that God is always present in every situation. This belief has led to great acts of courage that have included facing danger and opposition, overcoming fear, making a stand for what is right and encouraging others to persevere. Through prayer people have found the strength to help them be courageous.

We have been listening to stories from the Old Testament where great courage has been demonstrated. Our favourites have been 'David and Goliath' and 'Daniel in the Lion's Den'.


Christians believe that their attitudes and actions must reflect the kindness, mercy and compassion of Jesus and the love of God for everyone.



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