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Our Intent for Maths

At Woolston CE Primary School we provide a caring and enriching inclusive environment where all children have the confidence to succeed in maths. Our curriculum is carefully structured so it builds on work from previous years, supporting and challenging children where needed to ensure every child achieves their potential. We intend for children to become fluent in the range of mathematical ideas in the National Curriculum, being able to recall and use knowledge such as key number facts and methods quickly and accurately. We want children to be able to reason mathematically and to be able to present and explain their thinking. We know that maths is essential in all areas of life and so we offer real life and practice experiences to engage and motivate children. We want all children to be able to apply their mathematical knowledge to a range of problems, breaking problems into a series of steps and approaching problems in different ways showing perseverance and resistance. Throughout school, we aim for all members of the school community to have a positive attitude, confidence and skills in maths which will stay with them as life-long learners. 

All KS2 children have a login for Timestable Rockstars to support rapid recall of multiplication facts

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