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PTA Hands

Pre Loved Uniform

The PTA also run a pre-loved uniform shop where we have a good stock of uniform to sell which is all in perfect condition at a very low price.  

If you would like to get involved you can leave your contact details with the school office and a member of the PTA will contact you or alternatively send an email to woolstonce_pta@yahoo.com

We look forward to meeting you.

PTA Committee Members

Comms Lead - Lyndsay Hardman

Events Lead - Helen Brown

Treasury & Lottery Co-ordinator - Julie Ashurst

Secretary - Lindsay Smith

Pre-loved Uniform - Lisa Seabrook

Refreshments Co-ordinators - Lyndsay Hardman, Julie Adams, Brenda Adams, Helen Brown

Events Support - Carly Parkinson, Julie Adams, Brenda Adams, Philippa Givvons

Treasurer Support - Kelly Wilkinson

Comms Lead Support - Helen Brown, Claire Roberts

Event Organisers - Lindsay Smith, Vicky Schofield, Mel Ellis, Claire Roberts, Roz Hayes, Julie Adams, Brenda Adams

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